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The Untold Historical Truth Of American Education – Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

“Story-Killers: How the Common Core Destroys Minds and Souls”

The Decline of Play and Rise of Mental Disorders: Peter Gray

Indoctrination in Common Core ELA Texts

Common Core Turns Our Kids against Our Values

15-year-old Connects the Dots About the Dangers of Common Cor

Common Core Standards by Dr. Peg Luksik

Charlotte Iserbyt on Common Core Takeover

Charlotte Iserbyt ~ Mind Control In Public Schools

Part 1 of 5: Stop the Common Core

Part 2 of 5: Stop the Common Core

Part 3 of 5: Stop the Common Core

Part 4 of 5: Stop the Common Core

Part 5 of 5: Stop the Common Core

Brilliant anti-Common Core Speech by Dr. Duke Pesta

GLENN BECK,Did Bill Gates admit the real purpose of Common Core?

Anita Hoge – The End Game of Assessment

Common Core Curriculum – A Trojan Horse for Education Reform

Shock Video School Children Receiving Mandatory LGBTQ Indoctrination

Homosexual Indoctrination at Hampden Academy

John Glen and LGBT Indoctrination

“Antibias/Diversity” in Education: America’s Gay Agenda & YOUR Kids

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